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What is an MVP Workshop and How To Benefit From It

Bart Cywinski

Bart Cywinski

VP of Business Development

An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, offers you a way to evaluate the core features of your product idea on an expedited schedule. With the startup failure rate at 90%, it helps you avoid becoming a part of this statistic.


An MVP lets you confirm whether your target market has a desire for your product before you spend the time and money perfecting your idea. It also streamlines your time to market, so you can start generating revenue during the most crucial time of your startup. 


With the help of an MVP workshop led by experts, you can understand how to apply the lean/MVP approach to your product idea.


What is an MVP Workshop?


An MVP workshop is a session organized by experts to help establish a comprehensive plan for a basic product version. 

By following the MVP approach, you can test your product ideas at a rapid pace while also generating revenue almost immediately. 


An MVP workshop guides you through each step of the process. It all starts with determining which features you should include in your MVP. By the end, you will reach a roadmap for development and guidance on how to market your product for a successful launch.


Why Does Your Company Need an MVP and a Planning Session?


Your company needs an MVP and planning session to test your idea at a low cost and to verify if there is a demand for it.

It also gives you insights into how you can market your product based on the real-world solutions your MVP delivers to your early adopters.


Another advantage? By creating an MVP and utilizing planning sessions, you can start generating revenue with minimal upfront costs by only focusing on features that are essential for market success.  As a result, you’ll be able to offer your MVP at a lower cost to incentivize early adopters into trying your product.


Starting your product development through the MVP approach instills an agile mindset into your business process from the very beginning. 

Through this, your business will be capable of rolling out new features at a faster pace. 


A lean, agile mindset also keeps your focus on the needs of your customers. As a result, you can tailor the design and functionality of these features to the way your clients intend to use them. By keeping the focus on your customers' actual needs, you'll always be delivering them a great user experience.


Which Companies Started Off With an MVP?


Entering the market with an MVP has proven time and time again to be an effective method for getting your product idea off the ground. 


It can help you find investors by showing them the interest in the idea you’ve developed.

There are plenty of examples of successful, global companies that started off with an MVP. 


Here are a few:

  • DropBoxused a simple three-minute video going over how their product works as their form of an MVP. This allowed them to test the demand for their product before developing it to work with all operating systems and platforms. From this single video, DropBox was able to collect about 70,000 email addresses of interested users ensuring a successful launch.

  • Twitterfirst launched as an internal product for its employees to share status updates through SMS messages. Their employees became completely obsessed with it. Some of them ended up spending hundreds on their SMS bills simply because they loved the product that much. This ensured releasing the product to the public would quickly become a success.

  • Zappos created their MVP to find out if people were willing to buy shoes online. To figure this out, they took a few pictures of shoes from local stores and set up a website selling these specific shoes. When someone bought the shoe online, they purchased it at full price from the store and shipped it to the customer. This allowed them to find out whether the effort in building an entire brand around selling shoes online was a viable idea. Turns out, it was! 


What a typical MVP workshop includes


While working with UIG Studio, you can expect your MVP workshop to comprise of:


- Product & competition research

- Gathering visual inspirations

- Defining personas and their key pain points (if it hasn’t been done already)

- Proposing solutions or analyzing those provided by the client

- Creating user stories or analyzing those provided by the client

- Analyzing revenue streams, providing additional ideas

- Brainstorming solutions effectiveness and priority

- Building Interface Architecture

- Creating wireframes


After finalizing the workshop, our clients have a ready-to-implement documentation of the project.


What is our MVP pricing? 


Our MVP packages start at $8000. 

Our “Early exploring” MVP package includes:


  • 3-days of discovery workshops

  • Creation of an interactive prototype and app flow

  • Key visuals and inspirations

  • A detailed estimate of MVP development costs


Our “Ignition pack” features:


  • 3-days of discovery workshops

  • Creation of an interactive prototype and app flow

  • Key visuals and inspirations

  • A detailed estimate of MVP development costs

  • Logo, UX, and UI design

  • Web app or PWA-app development

  • 1 month of support and SLA offer


Our “Blast-off” package includes:


  • 3-days of discovery workshops

  • Creation of an interactive prototype and app flow

  • Key visuals and inspirations

  • A detailed estimate of MVP development costs

  • Logo, UX, and UI design

  • Web app or PWA-app development

  • 3 months of support and SLA offer

  • Mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms

  • An initial SEO, SEM, and paid marketing strategy with a $3,000 budget for the first month


Why Should You Choose Us for Your MVP Workshop?


UIG Studio’s MVP workshop helps you develop a concept for your product with an actionable plan to bring your idea to market. We help you build mockups, identify the needs of your users, advise on app flow, and create an estimated timeline with costs. 


We also help you plan your initial marketing strategy through SEO and SEM. After the launch, you can scale this marketing strategy and fine-tune it with the data you get. 


We treat each of our clients with the care they need for a successful kick-off with an MVP. Each workshop we run is closely tailored to your individual needs and your product idea – all so we can predestine it for success. 




The MVP approach lets you test your product idea and figure out how your target market will respond to it. You can use these findings to inform your future development decisions and your marketing strategy. 


Through an MVP workshop, we’ll help you evaluate if your product idea is worth pursuing. We’ll guide you on your way towards creating a ready-to-implement plan and prepare all the documents you need to start the development. 


Do you have an idea for a product or service you’d like to discuss? Don’t hesitate to reach out – you’ve found the right crew for the job!

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