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Whether it’s designing something brand new or re-innovating an existing service to leap ahead of the competition, our UX design services ensure your product and brand are both loved by users - and with happy users, comes success.

UX design takes business needs and user evaluation into account with updated, modern design philosophy and create modern software.

UX is the bridge between business goals and user needs

The best products don’t just answer a need - they offer enjoyable experiences while doing so. A great design approach will add all the little elements that might not seem vital from a business perspective but are essential for long term success with your audience.

All digital products have to find the perfect balance between business goals and user needs. UX is the bridge between these two objectives. Great UX is the reason people love your product, stay loyal to your service and regularly engage in a way that aligns with your business targets.

What Companies Utilise UX Design?

Which of the big players use UX Design for their apps? Check out below!


Everything in Slack is easy - reading messages, adding emoticons and logging in. It’s how Slack earned the trust of customers.


Medium’s users read - so the website strips away all other features when reading. That’s why Medium remains simplistic, yet elegant.


From drag and drop to large, clear interfaces, Canva reinvented graphic design for those without a designer’s background.

Google Maps

Google Maps let you find specific businesses or locations easily, thanks to highly intuitive one-screen approach.


By making learning fun and using positive reinforcement, Duolingo’s approach encourages users to sign up.


Swipe left or swipe right - TInder’s UX focuses on simplistic controls for their ‘on the go’ audience and dominated its competitive niche.

The Benefits Of Great UX

Understanding user behavior is at the core of everything. Software needs to be as intuitive as possible, pleasant to use and emotionally rewarding as possible.

As a UX design studio, we’ve researched user behavior and how people interact with digital services. We know what they expect and what they want - so we design it that way.

Workshops are a vital part of this process. Our unique workshops integrate UX methodology and product design philosophy into a custom experience, where our specialists work with your own in-house team to explore and evaluate the best UX approach for your business, user and goals

UX Design Services For Your Product

Ever tried to find a feature on a service that you just can’t locate? Little issues like this can make or break a product’s success. UX design puts these needs and expectations at the core, guiding users to where they need to be.

User Research

We research how your users behave, how they use devices or otherwise experience your product. These personas become the backbone for all future UX decisions.

Brand Consistency

Do you have numerous apps or products? We’ll ensure your brand looks, feels and interacts the same wherever your users go - they’ll always trust you, even on new platforms.


How are your apps being used? What do people focus on? We’ll use these real-world results or tests to refine and improve the experience.

Interface Architecture

Paired with our UI service, we’ll cut down useless menus for simplistic navigation without frustration. Keep your core features core.

Positive Reinforcement

From sounds to animations, we understand the little details that create positive feedback - great UX design uses this to encourage the intended behavior from users.

Identify Issues

Slow loading times, navigation bottlenecks, difficult controls… we’ll review and improve any features that are impacting the wider product, eliminating the problem.

What Else Can UX Design Accomplish?

Our UX design services can kickstart any new project correctly, or improve existing solutions to meet the highest demands and expectations of today’s audience.

Positive Experience

Let your users enjoy themselves. Happy experiences lead to better engagement and positive reviews - both of which help the overall success of your product.

Increased Loyalty

When the experience is great, users will come back more often. They’re also more likely to trust your next product - UX also benefits your branding.

Shape The Customer Journey

What is the end goal for your product? UX design will guide users down this path as much as possible, motivating them to align with your business goals.

Conversions & Engagement

When it’s easy to use, people will get more out of it. This increases the chances of converting or otherwise engaging deeper with your company.

Why Should You Choose Our UX Design Company?

Great apps and software aren’t just about the end destination - they’re about the journey. Today’s users will make decisions on products before they’ve experienced it all. This is why it’s essential to make those first impressions count.

Our UX design studio isn’t just focused on UX. We’ll work with you to create a solid plan for your business and, with our designers and developers, we’ll see the project right through to completion. We’ve also worked on countless projects, helping companies from various industries realize success and achieve their goals. Along the way, we’ve learned what works and developed a fast, agile process that’s great for new projects or quickly adapting existing products to meet evolving expectations.


They like to innovate but at the same time, create beautiful yet functional work.

Founder, Activity.me

Case Study

Printbox editor

Printing eCommerce

Advanced Editor is Printbox one of three distinct HTML5 web editors for various needs and total freedom in buying path definition. This Web APP for photo product business which give ability to sell photobooks, gifts, prints and more, with personal brand.

wireframesUX designUI designillustrationanimation
See editor in action

Audiobook app

Media and Entertainment

Nowadays, hardly anyone finds time to read books. But with audiobooks, you can enjoy reading anywhere, anytime. This application will allow you to discover new audiobooks and listen to them on your way to work, at the gym or at home.

mvpmvp workshopsprototypingwireframesUI designUX designanimationReact NativePHPrest api
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Award-winning TeamUP UI and UX design

Community app

TeamUp is a platform that helps to reveal the competitive nature for active people and provide individual and teams with a possibility to create awareness for their profile. Also, TeamUp allows you to create lobbies to find team members, that have closely similar skill sets and interests.

UX designUI designillustrationprototypinganimation
See Behance case study

Happy clients

Meet brands satisfied with our UX design approach.

Bart Cywinski - React developer and consultant

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