Metaverse Consulting

Virtual worlds are immersive. The thought to create a new market for companies' services is attracting investors, developers and customers. New technologies are enabling the development of digital economies independent of the physical world.

Every metaverse project starts with an idea.

Just how do you distinguish good ideas from bad ones?

The easiest way is to consult them with professionals who will provide you with the right expertise.

See if we can help you.

Just as we help other companies and brands connect to the virtual worlds.

Creating The Project Of Virtual World

How to define Metaverse? We call this a new era of business opportunities. For us a metaverse is a concept that escapes words. It is a combination of three elements – digital experiences, interactions, connections and objects.

Digital experiences

Are those provided to users by augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.


Are the bonds that form between users of virtual worlds through socialization, collaboration and other interactions.


Are NFT's, digital goods and cryptocurrencies – various types of digital assets linked to different industries, creating new virtual economies.

Combining all those three elements, means you're on your way to the final metaverse vision.

We help our clients from the project idea phase, through planning the capabilities and sustainability of the metaverse (for example – what avatars will look like, what business models will be available for brands, etc.), then through the build phase (by selecting tools and by using Artificial Intelligence to work on data processing, etc.), to the final phase – creating real actual products (non-fungible tokens), applications (smart contracts) and delivering user experiences.

Virtual Reality: Next Generation Of Customers

Just as the real life and physical world are changing, so are the virtual worlds. Its users of today are already creating the Internet of the future. Remember the early days, when the Internet was used to search for data, businesses advertised in the form of page-views, and you could see the cloud only in the sky? That was millions of bytes ago! The digital universe is no longer just networked games or individual services. It's a collection of complete digital platforms with their own digital economies. Brands and companies are in the metaverse, engaging consumers creatively.

The possibilities for the metaverse are endless for you as well. What we can help you with is finding your place among other metaverse companies. With our research and the latest technologies (like digital twin technology), we will bring your services to the virtual world. We will rediscover your brand and its value and connect you with users who will turn into your customers.

Metaverse Development Company

Discover the metaverse investments possibilities, trust the technology of tomorrow and let us create a new market for your business. Join the growing list of our satisfied customers.

Our sample metaverse services:

complete metaverse projects – your own digital world: consulting of your concept & data research, providing the best developers, choosing the most suitable tools

designing the digital economy of your metaverse

choosing platform services for your business models

metaverse nft (developed with the latest technology)

metaverse nft marketplaces

smart contracts

oversee the process of moving your business – brand, trademarks and products – to augmented reality

Bart Cywinski - React developer and consultant

If you would like to meet our developers, learn more about our metaverse development services or discuss the development process

Bart Cywinski

Business Development Director

+48 602 750 432

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