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Lightning fast, web-friendly, and future-proof. Our Node JS Development Services are ideal for ensuring any server or runtime environment stays performant!

Our Node JS Developers know how to ensure your backend operations run smoothly. Whether it’s a brand new project or updating older systems to meet today’s increasing needs, we’ll build a scalable and lightweight solution that works perfectly.

Why Should Your Business Use Node JS Technology?

Node JS was designed to offer faster testing and debugging, but its benefits extend to all server-based operations. Overall, it’s quick, fast, easy to use, and easy to iterate on. It offers all the benefits with no drawbacks.

What’s more, as light and scalable solution, Node JS works well on all modern server technology - including the Cloud. It can even work with the most advanced solutions, such as microservices and serverless operations.

Companies Using Node JS

There are many companies that use Node JS - and for good reason. Here are just some of the leading services and products it’s powering.


Switching to Node JS in 2011 made this the network’s mobile app 20x faster, cutting down on server-side resources immensely.
The company that uses React JS development - Netflix


Node JS development lead to Netflix ensuring fast loading times from the moment the app opens - helping to please their vast customer segment.


Switching to Node JS helped Medium not only improve server and client-side operations, but also speed up development in general.


An app with a lot of server demand, the ease and open source nature of Node JS made it a natural choice very early on in the company.


Many of Firefox’s plugins use Node JS as the API ensures a single repository, easy maintenance and optimal memory performance.


When moving to the Cloud, the space agency used Node JS development to quickly test, iterate and optimize the process, vastly saving time and cost.

While it is essentially a framework, Node JS is best described as a runtime environment. Like JavaScript, which it is built on, Node is frequently used for server-side scripting. Through command-line tools, the best Node JS developers can create processes that keep as much of the performance-heavy tasks on the server-side, which is useful in all modern technology.

Below you can explore popular uses of Node JS.

Dynamic Web Pages

Server-side scripting keeps web pages fast and performant, providing excellent user experience at scale.

Server Performance

Node JS is a popular tool for optimizing backend operations, making it an idea for heavy duty, enterprise-scale architecture.

Cross Platform Operations

As a highly compatible server and web technology, Node JS is an ideal foundation and backbone for any client-side device or platform.

Benefits of Node JS Development

Based on JavaScript

Built on JS, Node is easy to learn and already adapted to work with both web and server based solutions. As such, compatibility is never an issue.

Fast Development

With Node JS, you can build and release faster. Not only does this support faster development cycles, it also saves money and resources as a result, without compromising on quality.


Node JS is great at load balancing, especially with multiple servers, making it greater for smaller apps and enterprise solutions alike. It’s always optimized.

Real-Time Results

If you need to stream or otherwise transfer data in real-time, Node JS is a lightweight yet performant solution, providing smooth data flows where other solutions slow down.

Traffic Management

Between multiple requests and staying lightweight, Node JS is an ideal choice for handling high traffic, or even wild fluctuations, with complete ease.

Open Source

Because it is open source, Node JS is well liked and frequently updated. Alongside official support, the community is always solving problems or expanding its potential.

OS Compatible

Alongside the Cloud, Node JS technology is great for Linux, Mac and Windows systems. Whatever server or system you run, it will run.

Fast Performance

Node JS is lighting quick. Apps and websites load faster, letting you do more without fear or risking performance.


Open and source and widely compatible, Node JS development doesn’t limit your technology base or product. Build the solution you need, your way.

What Can You Do With Node JS?

IoT Development

Because it can handle multiple requests, and maintain effective performance when scaled up drastically, it’s ideal for both small and large network applications. This makes it highly suitable for wider uses with the Internet of Things.

Node JS development is ideal for creating an effective application layer to store and transfer data from databases to respective applications. With IoT devices, information is sent on a near-constant basis and in high volumes, so Node powered servers will ensure the backend always keeps up.

Real-Time Chat

If you need real-time messaging in your applications, Node JS ensures a fast system that can handle large scape communication with ease. More than just 1 to 1 messaging, it’s Event based API and architecture work well with the push notifications and other server-side events that define a lot of modern chat services.

This even-based nature also means updates from the server can also reach larger groups without a problem. One of the reasons we choose Node JS for this is because it works well with the WebSockets protocol. More than just keeping things web friendly, this cuts processing overheads and latency, keeping everything as performant as possible.


The biggest challenge with Single Page Applications is scaling performance. Thankfully, Node JS works around these thanks to both asynchronous calling and large scale I/O operations.

With event loops, we can also bundle multiple requests within close time frames to deliver a smooth view or fast update that feels fast and fluid on the users side, despite the additional requests. This makes Node development a vital component in supporting larger, complex and data-heavy SPAs that rely heavily on the server.
Likewise, because it’s based on JavaScript, Node JS development enables us to utilize other frameworks and libraries popular with SPAs, such as React JS.
React native is perfect for creating apps.


Microservices are an essential component in modern architecture, enabling processing tasks to be distributed as needed. Node JS supports this through its event-driven architecture. Because Node itself is a lightweight option, it can quickly operate on any server or virtual machine in the Cloud. It also integrates with Docker easily, further ensuring its place in modern architectural environments.

Overall, using both Node JS and additional frameworks included, notably Express, we can keep applications fast, performant and scalable. With numerous microservices, we can divide the various tasks and functionalities within applications to ensure the best results, all of which can be handled effortlessly on the server-side through Node JS itself.

Collaboration Tools

We’ve already mentioned that Node JS is excellent at both real-time processes and handling multiple tasks and requests at once. All of this makes Node JS development a first-choice for building tools that require users to collaborate on centralized resources at the same time.

With Node’s asynchronous, event-based architecture, we have numerous ways to support collaborative applications. We can utilize these features to group requests at a high frequency, ensuring all users see each edit or change microseconds after it happens. Because it’s lightweight and highly performant, Node ensures this occurs without delay in performance or latency.


Node JS includes Stream API, which naturally makes it a top pick for any streaming application or service. Again, it’s ability to handle large amounts of data on the server-side is highly useful here. Combined with asynchronous communication, this enables the delivery of media files to the client side with no delay or interrupting.

Furthermore, because we’re not looking to cache data or download files to the client side, we can keep this data transfer as performant as possible, all thanks to Node JS.

Why Should You Use Our Node JS Development Company?

Few technologies exist in a vacuum - Node JS is no exception. The same is also true for the company you work with. You need a Node JS development agency that offers the complete process.
Because we specialize in both design and development, we are well suited to help you at any stage of your journey. Whether that’s concepting a new app or solution with server performance in mind, or working on improving an existing product to meet today’s performance stands, our Node JS services are vital.

While Node JS is designed to help make things run faster, alongside performance, we know how to design great products for users as well. Our design expertise and technologies, matched by our Node JS development skills, ensure a fully rounded approach to creating excellent products.

Whatever you need - we are here to help!

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