NFT Marketplace Development

Why should you get NFT Marketplace Development Services from UIG Studio? Think of NFTs as products in your online web store – marketplace. NFT Marketplace Development is an opportunity for digital artists to share their unique digital assets. It is also a chance for customers to get a one-of-a-kind, non-copyable product. If you want to enter this world, we will help you explore it.

NFT Marketplace Development Offers

There are two ways to trade in the Metaverse. You can either create a universal market, where different types of NFTs will be exchanged, or you can create a niche market, which will contain only a specific type of non-functional tokens. Each popular nft marketplace gathers its own NFT creators. They are no different from painters, writers, graphic artists of the real world, and their virtual assets are the equivalents of real works.

What Could Become An NFT Product?

Each available type of NFT product is a digital file. It might be related to:


Users might get in-game assets to be used later on in the game or sold.


NFT is a digital version of traditional art auctions.


Media content created and sold under NFT is copyright protected.


Creating music under the NFT helps authors fight piracy and earn revenue from their compositions.

Real Estate

The tokenization of virtual lands and real estate helps to avoid conflicts over land or real estate ownership.

A Lesson Of NFT Trading

Every project needs to have certain features that will attract customers. NFT marketplaces are no different. So before you dream about the income that NFT transactions will bring you, consider what sellers as well as buyers of digital assets will expect.

What should be on your priority list?


It's your business card. Here you will gather all NFT data: listings, detailed description of each NFT, its owners, rates and price history.

Buying And Bidding System

The absolute foundation within which you can offer the auction function.

An Integrated Wallet

Will make it easy to sell/buy without leaving your platform.

Rating system

Will make it easier for users to make buying decisions.

Advanced Token Search

Advanced token search will help users finding NFTs much faster.


To identify tokens by e.g. fixed price, creator, popularity, etc.

Create Listings

Tools to create listings, both general and e.g. wish lists.

Status List

Through which creators can inform users about the status of a digital work.

How The NFT Marketplace Development Process Looks Like?

So you have an idea for an NFT marketplace that you want to pursue? Curious about what the development process goes on? Here's how the development process looks like in UIG Studio

Planning & Consulting

If only you define your niche, we will develop a strategy for you to implement the idea for your own NFT Marketplace. We will analyze all the factors involved in launching the platform, including: the type of business, the technology used for development, the functions to be performed by NFT and your target audience. We will help you decide whether your solution will be built completely from scratch or whether the white label NFT marketplace option is more beneficial to you. We will also help you to choose a blockchain platform on which you’ll build your marketplace (for example Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain etc.). Our NFT marketplace developers have expertise in working on multiple blockchain platforms.

Visual & Technical Design

We will help you to create the prototype of the user interface. Having this, it will be possible to test the application on NFT users. Their suggestions and experiences will let us improve the final product. Such marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular, so building them requires innovative solutions. Our development team will manage all the technical aspects, while our graphics will deal with your NFT marketplace design.


Our team designs and builds your user-centric NFT marketplace platforms where users can create and trade NFTs. Development process starts with code for the application. Then we are going to incorporate smart contracts based on your needs. This is the phase of NFT smart contract development. Next step will be creating a customized storefront for NFT token holders – your customers.


Here's when NFT marketplace development is almost done. We will deploy your application in the form as per your need and monitor its performance. We will test your application, both automatically and manually for any errors and resolve them promptly. That's how our agile development approach works. With a little help from NFT enthusiasts, beta-testers of your NFT market, we will receive feedback to work on further improvement. During this phase, we will also offer you security solutions to make sure that records of all transactions are securely stored on your decentralized platform. We will help you integrate payment gateways, crypto wallets, social media, email services and other features if you need them.

Upgrades & Updates

After running your nft marketplace support still might still be required. Our NFT developers will monitor and provide maintenance services like third party integrations or smart contract development. We will keep looking for possible upgrades and maintain the application cleanly – always up and running.

NFT Marketplace Development: Company That Meets Your Expectations

NFT Development Company That Delivers Satisfying NFT Data

Our agile development approach has you feeling taken care of. We will not send you back and forth between departments if you want to report a problem or a bug. Our team shares knowledge. This means that not only does everyone know the current status of the project, but they will also be able to answer your questions. We will make you feel like a member of our team. You will actively participate in product development and receive feedback along the way.

NFT Development Company That Delivers Results

Custom nft marketplace with high quality digital assets. Smart contract development that considers your needs? Sounds unattainable? Not with the engagement and assistance of our development team. A successful NFT marketplace platform is not easy to launch. Unless one has the experience and technical know-how to execute such projects. We have been working for years in cross-functional teams, formed by specialists from different fields. Working in a cross-functional model provides the opportunity to develop the product in many areas simultaneously. Thanks to it, we can provide front-end and back-end development services. We do virtual assets preparation and worldbuilding – we create mechanics and economics of the metaverse world. We are also responsible for the marketing part of projects and digital collectibles (NFT projects).

NFT Marketplace Development Services You Should Go For

NFT marketplace development process takes time. The planning and designing phase are crucial to move on. The development process & coding – creating the interface and digital assets, bringing smart contracts to life, planning all NFT transactions – are the core of everything. On deployment phase the testers will let you know, if your nft marketplace platform works properly. But if you get through these stages unscathed, and your decentralized app turns out to be functional, you can already count future profits. If you want to go on such a journey, we want to accompany you. Contact us what ideas you have for joining the metaverse!
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