Perfect app for perfect start.

We created to make searching and signing up for sports events easy. We gather thousands of events together in one place, providing an intuitive platform to make registration smooth – so nothing gets in the way of your motivation

Services provided:
— Consulting
— Reserch
— Product design
— Front-end development
— Back-end development

Research and Discovery phase.

Research was a necessary part of defining a direction for platform.

Research helped us to understand and define the users' needs and the context use. When, Where and Why customers might use sports platform. We also started to pair it with business requirements such as promotions or tickets.
The main goal was to find a perfect correlation between objectives and the initial user needs.

Every successful project starts with a sketch.

A wireframe is the best way to test ideas, define information architecture, gather feedback from clients and customers. It also helps you avoid logic problems and mistakes. Due to the wide range of different users (from active people to event organizers) we needed to make proper and intuitive wireframing of the event page. After more than 50 attempts, we achieved our goal.

Over 15 000 events in one place

We created clean and simple UI designs for a wide range of users. It was important for us to provide a flexible tool that can be used for different needs such as adding events, selling tickets, track own statistics, promote events. User-friendly design helps participants just in a few clicks to find a perfect event that suits their needs and motivate them to use it again.

Making the complex simple.

The biggest challenge was to create and organize the system architecture which can handle a complex structure of the database. Also, it's really important to set high standards of search results, nobody wants to spend a lot of time to find the proper event.


React JS

Open Street Maps






API Platform

Fast and well-coordinated communication is a key.

Our client is a very busy person, he is working for one of the key players in the global hotel business, and his time is precious, so we use a different variety of instruments to keep our communication at a high level.

It is just a beginning

In almost 2 years of hard-working, we design and deliver a fully functional platform, with a wide range of different functions, which can be used for different kinds of users, from beginners to event organizers. We build a powerful environment for organizing, managing and promoting events.

But it is only started, we are constantly analyzing, testing and finding a possibility to improve.

Project in numbers:
Project length: 15 months
Hours spent: 2000+
Number of Phases: 3


Anton Matusevych
— UI/UX Designer
Łukasz Micał
— Full Stack Developer
Piotr Musiał
— Senior Web Developer
Adrian Przetocki
— UI/UX Designer
Grzegorz Słota
— Project Manager
Paweł Barket
— Senior UX Designer / Team Lead
Grzegorz Błachut
— React Native Developer / Team Lead