- Photo products editors

We designed a family of Web APPs for a company delivering enterprise photo products software.
The editors are a part of a complete white label sales platform package that automates the process of designing, ordering, and producing personalized photo products.

Services provided::
— Consulting
— UX analysis & research
— Interaction design
— Wireframing & prototype
— Product design
— Design system

UX analysis & Research

The applications were already well-working products. We started with the UX analysis to find what works and what doesn’t.

The best products don’t just answer a need - they offer enjoyable experiences while doing so. Printbox has already implemented products on many e-commerce websites around the world. We had to put attention to the little elements that might not seem vital from a business perspective but are essential for long term success with their audience.

We found the perfect balance between business goals and user needs. It’s the reason why end-users love the editors, stay loyal to Printbox’s clients' service, and regularly engage in a way that aligns with their business targets.

We start to design by creating a wireframe and prototype.

Using wireframes let us visualize the product rapidly, for immediate feedback and changes.

We knew that in this case, great design starts with an intuitive and well-planned User Experience. Matching it with the Business Goals was crucial for product growth. Wireframing and prototyping helped us deliver the interactive field in which the customers engage with the software - and by extension the business - on a more natural, intuitive level.

The adaptive design language for white label SaaS products

Creating a white-label product that is designed to be re-branded was an interesting challenge. We worked closely with Printbox’s Front & Back-End Developers to make sure every idea is possible to implement and maintain later on.

Thanks to greatly prepared wireframes, we focused our attention instead of colors - on properly used contrast and UI flexibility.

Unified design

The three editors had different designs. Thanks to our work we were able to match their style and functionality into one visual direction.

Multi-language support

Printbox's SaaS solution is used by companies all over the world. That’s why every element is flexible and can cover every language.

Adaptive checkout

The trick was to create such experience, that would work properly with new and already existing e-commerce websites with their checkouts.

Content oriented

An editor is just a tool in the end-clients' hands. It’s their content that is most precious to them. We had to remember that the best design is the one that won’t disturb the process, and help achieve the results.


Subtle design with a focus on interactions gave advanced possibilities to change clients' company logo, UI colors, button shapes, and even fonts. The company can customize the editors so they can match the branding.

Branding possibilities:
— Company logo
— CTA’s color
— Button’s shapes
— Fonts

Responsive quest
for a unified experience

The responsive design of a website is a simple task. A unified mobile experience of three Web Editors with different functionality is a quest. When we design Mobile APPs there are more options to choose perfect experience. With Web, we were put to the test with our creativity. We passed this test.

Visual consistency provided by a dedicated Design System

Full control of the shared knowledge and UI component library.

The Design System was necessary to create - product iterations and special clients' needs are covered on a daily basis. Thanks to the guidelines, both designers and developers can add new features maintaining the visual consistency within the editors.

Communication was key to perfect teamwork

Creating a set of advanced editors, checkout processes and in the end, a design system is not a one man’s job. We collaborated with Product Owners, Marketing Team, and Front- and Back-End developers to make sure the products will match the business needs and avoid technical risks.

The daily standups and weekly sprint planning helped us to meet Printbox’s deadlines with ease.

Design, test, improve, repeat.

In almost 2 years of hard work, we designed three fully functional platforms, with a wide range of advanced functions, which can be used for different kinds of users, from beginners to professionals around the globe.

But it’s only an iteration of the product - we are constantly analyzing and improving to match the future standards and user needs.

Project in numbers:
Project length: 18 months
Hours spent: 2000+
Number of Phases: 6


Paweł Barket
— Lead UX Designer
Grzegorz Słota
— Project Manager