Work is easy
with Easy Worq

Looking for someone to paint walls in your living room? Or to fix this one gas stove burner that doesn't seem to work? Easy worq was created exactly for this kind of needs. All you have to do is create a listing and wait for offers from professional craftsmen. See how we built this online marketplace app, that provides unique experience in combination with high utility.

Services provided:
— Consulting
— Product design
— Front-end development
— Back-end development

Before design starts we make user flow to cover all possible scenarios

Taking in consideration that each product is specific and has its unique value it's crucial to understand it well. And that requires lots of research about competitors, benchmarks and most importantly the product itself.

User flow is a diagram that should cover all the paths that users can go through in our product. It helps us to imagine how the app is supposed to work, but also reveals to us the issues we need to find out for the app to work seamlessly. What if the user wants to change the dates of the job? Or add some new photos? All these queries need to be answered, to create a full design of a product.
User flow's main advantage is that we can see potential risks at the very early stage. When we have all the steps covered, then the design of the product is faster and easier - there are less corrections and misunderstandings.

We make wireframes based on user flow

After user flow is done we start to convert it to graphic form, first as a wireframing. That allows us to quickly visualize the product, so if any change is required we can proceed quickly. One thing is to delight the users another to provide logic and order to process and make the app useful. When using wireframing and prototyping we deliver the software that is engaging to customers on a more natural, intuitive level.

UI Design - where magic happens

When creating an online marketplace app it's crucial it shows users where to click and guide them through the process, right to the goal that they want to achieve. "The devil is in the details" - we make use of great design to encourage users to the intended behavior with handpicked sound and animations.

We know how to build marketplace website that is fully responsive

With more and more users using internet on mobile devices, responsive design stopped being an additional extra. Every functionality of the app must work seamlessly and look perfect both on desktop and mobile. Easy Worq will work perfectly, no matter where you use it.

Great design needs great execution

The system architecture required a specific handling of a complex structures of the database. The particular market of the product was highly demanding, that’s why we had to make sure, that we will use the best technological background for the application.






Google Maps API

Communication is the key to well-managed project

It's key to understand that the time of our customers is precious, so we use a different variety of instruments to keep our communication at a high level. We stick to the plan and communicate on a weekly basis so the project is delivered on time.


Easy work was created as a fully functional platform, with a wide range of functions and options for its users, all collected and managed with an easy-to-use set of screens. It can be easily plied by both on-demand service providers and people outsourcing their house-related chores.


Łukasz Wielgus
— Lead FE developer
Łukasz Micał
— Tech Lead
Marcin Zięba-Maruszczak
— BE developer
Wojciech Chrobak
— Lead BE developer
Marta Skowron
— Lead UI/UX Designer
Grzegorz Słota
— Project Manager