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Have you dreamed of one day climbing some very high mountain top? Virtual reality will make this and many other dreams come true and you won't even have to leave your room. Emerging technologies brought to life by top virtual reality companies are becoming available not only to game users. You can find VR apps among the many projects of various industries. From digital marketing of fashion brands, to training of armed forces.

Virtual Reality: Forget Conventional Solutions!

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a three-dimensional image, presenting elements of the real world, reproduced through the use of reverse engineering methods, or elements that are quite fictional. While augmented reality is a digital add-on to reality, virtual reality is a completely computer-generated environment.

How Does Virtual Reality work?

To completely immerse yourself in this computer-generated environment you need to use special VR goggles, displaying the image in 3D and in 360 degrees. To intensify the experience, the VR headset is equipped with headphones, thanks to which we hear the sounds of the application, while cutting ourselves off from the outside world. The synchronization of image and sound and the cutting off of external signals prevent perceptual disturbances, such as motion sickness. This is all complemented by controllers that transfer our movements to the digital world.

In What Industries Can Virtual Reality Be Applied?

Can the immersive world of virtual reality have applications other than entertainment? Yes, it is already happening! The list of various industries using VR continues to grow. Below you will find some examples from a business perspective, arranged in alphabetical order.

Architecture, interior design, real estate

With VR technology you can design and experiment with a building or space, see how it looks and feels, before you'll try to build it or create it in reality. You can also furnish your space, visualize the look of a property and how it will feel. If you're looking for a new real estate, go and look around properties from the comfort of your own existing home.

Art and design

You can already create artwork with VR solutions: draw, sculpt, create and animate virtual 3D models and sculptures. Speaking of design – VR services helps engineers and designers from the automotive industries to experiment with the look and build of a vehicle before building prototypes.

Education, learning and development

As only VR technology will become accessible financially, it could revolutionize education by enabling students to learn in an immersive, experiential way, from anywhere in the world. It has already been proven that people learn up to 4 times faster in virtual reality.

Entertainment and gaming

Virtual reality is the most accessible and the fastest growing thanks to game development. ABut is already being used in the entertainment industry in movies, real-time or live stream animated performances via VR or Social Media channels, to be watched on mobile devices.

Events, conferences and meetings

Virtual reality helps people meet in the same virtual reality from anywhere in the world. You can hold an event, conference without wasting time and generating costs. You can even interview job candidates.


Virtual reality is already being approved by the FDA for the treatment of pain reduction in adults. Prescription-use EaseVRx system uses cognitive behavioral therapy and other behavioral principles such as deep relaxation, attention-shifting, interoceptive awareness, and others, to aid in the reduction of chronic pain. VR was also experimentally used as pain relief for burn injuries and as the treatment of PTSD and anxiety.


With virtual reality retail experiences and body-scanning technology, we are able to try on clothes in the virtual world to see what they'd look like in person.


VR and its virtual walkthroughs makes tourism more accessible. You can travel all around the world without leaving your comfort zone.

Training and stimulation for the military and police

Such technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality are being used to train personnel in simulated scenarios supplemented with visual, auditory and physical stimuli. This helps learners practice decision-making in stressful situations without putting them in danger.

Well-being, recreation and sport

Real-life hobbies are now available in VR, for example: visiting museums such, playing golf or football, having fun in theme parks, watching sports transmissions or joining an immersive fitness club with new classes of boxing, dancing or meditation.

Virtual Reality: Companies Of The Future Are Here, Are You?

VR solutions and app development services are becoming increasingly popular. The best VR companies are striving to surprise their audiences with innovative solutions and provide increasingly immersive experiences through augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

Any service provider that also wants to offer web development to its customers should tailor its hosting services under VR solutions. What to do to become one of the top virtual reality companies? Invest. Invest in the highest quality equipment. To invest in employees, in the best mobile app developers and virtual reality developers, and to create software that meets the needs of both those individual consumers, as well as companies and institutions. Among them, the demand for VR custom enterprise software is continuously growing.

Virtual Reality: Innovative Solutions Within Your Reach

Do you want to move yourself and your business into the virtual space?

Our team implements various designs and creates various digital solutions. We provide mobile apps development and consulting services. The scope of our activities includes: game development; ecommerce development; AR development services (augmented reality apps); VR content development; VR app development services.

We also support VR projects, helping to transform the client's vision into a computer vision. We build interactive user interfaces with cutting edge technologies.

We operate in an agile manner, and our uncompromising creativity enables us to design assets of the highest quality. Do not accept conventional solutions – bet on immersive technologies and custom software development.

If you need support, please contact our project manager to discuss your needs.

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