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Let us act as both your user experience consultants and expert developers to ensure no product ever hits the market unprepared. With the right UI and UX, your business will have built-in user engagement for the best results.

UI Services + UX Services. The perfect match for product design

Great UX and UI go hand in hand to ensure product-usability. After all, UI design services are what ensure users love your applications, but its UX design services that ensure both user and business goals are aligned. Together, your products are well-positioned for their market and audience!

What does UI design typically includes?

Any visual element, text, or micro interaction needs to be designed. The goal of UI isn’t just to provide pleasant aesthetics but to do so in a way that meets the goals of the business.

At a broad level, there are a few core areas where expert UI design is essential:

Grid Based Structure

Grids are essential for responsive design and modern devices. With this, we can implement UI elements that scale with ease.

Navigation Structure

Links, buttons, and menus form an essential backbone of an app or software. Done right, users will never get lost and find everything they need, every time.

Colors & Emotions

People pick up on the subtle cues of colors. With the careful application of these hues and tones, we can enhance our UI to guide and encourage the behavior.


These days, few designs are truly static Animation is one of our design tools for drawing users to intended elements.


Similar to animation, we add interactivity to buttons and menus to provide positive feedback and guide users through the app.

Design Hierarchy

When you first see a screen, it’s through the UI that you understand the primary elements first - this is the design hierarchy in action.


A picture says a thousand words. With an artist's touch, we can illustrate screens, please users, and create memorable experiences.

Design Systems

With a design system, we create assets once, then let automation properly apply them to any app, website, or piece of software, saving time and ensuring consistency

Mobile Environment

Alongside a Design System, we also create UI with mobile in mind, from touch-enabled interfaces to optimizing the information on a screen in a readable way.

What companies utilize UI/UX Design Services?

The best UX and UI services are often invisible, but the different they make is noticeable. It’s no secret these leading apps have maintained their market position.


Thanks to a well designed UI, Slack’s experience makes a functionally complex system easy for humans to navigate - and enjoy.


Similar to Slack, Canva opens up otherwise technically-difficult tasks for a wider audience This user-friendly approach helped Canva carve its own niche.


Through enjoyable experiences, backed with positive reinforcement, Duolingo’s learning app encourages users to come back time and time again.


While lesser dating apps have come and gone, Tinder’s excellent design ensures users stay engaged.


Drag and drop is as smooth as it gets. Dropbox made a name in filesharing through a simplistic yet elegant design users instantly loved.


Through a unique business model and an evolving UI/UX design, Spotify has grown to be a premier option all over the world.

User-centered Design - The Best UI Design Approach

All apps and software are intended to be used. As such, the only UI methodology worth considering is that of user-centered design (UCD). By keeping the user in focus at all times, our designs come out much stronger. This is how enjoyable applications are created.

With UCD, we create clear user paths with common sense - we are designing for humans, not robots. Then, we can test, iterate, and improve to get better and better results.

Aligns with Business Goals

At some point, the ability to use your app is essential to the overarching objective. By keeping this in mind, we ensure your products are aligned with your targets.

User-Friendly Results

If people don’t enjoy using something or become frustrated, they’re more likely to find an alternative. With UCD, we avoid this issue.


UCD isn’t about intuition. When people use your app, we set KPIs and test the results to uncover the best improvements and streamline the path to success.

Emotions & Encouragement

Positive feedback, the correct use of color, and even joyful animations all help encourage users to the intended parts of any app - and the desired engagements.

Refine Existing Solutions

UI design isn’t limited to new applications. We can look at a current product, identify where users are losing interest, and implement a new UI for a fresh change - with better results.

Solve Pain Points

Businesses have objectives, but users also have pain points. UI can make both of these a priority, so users find exactly what they need, motivating them to stay.

UI vs UX Design Services - What’s The Difference?

Understanding user behavior is at the core of everything. Software needs to be as intuitive as possible, pleasant to use and emotionally rewarding as possible.

User Interfaces (UI) determine how users are able to experience your products. Exceptional functionality or backend computing means nothing is users can’t easily and intuitively navigate around your solutions.

The User Experience (UX), on the other hand, looks at the wider user journey. It identifies if the app solves any problems, creates an enjoyable solution and ultimately encourages them to behave in a way that aligns with your overarching business objectives.

Combined, UI & UX are essential for ensuring any product success. It tests market validity through the behavioural patterns of human users. UI/UX design services can be the reason a new app has quick success - or even how a failing app can recapture its audience.

Typical UX work includes

Concerting & Prototypes

Need to test or validate an idea first? UX prototypes ensure every design is confirmed before it reaches the final app.

User Flows & User Maps

UX design services visualize the user journey, showing where they can go in the app - which helps us plan how best to guide them.

Understanding Users

Every user has their own needs and pain points. UX design researches these needs to build an experience that delivers what users require as effectively as possible.

Improving Conversions

Great UX ensures users can more effectively achieve the desired behavior - converting - whether it’s purchasing, committing to longer engagement, or other actions.

Validating Ideas

Every hypothesis needs to be tested first. In UX, we do this by testing your business model and validating the concept - this way, we only build on valid ideas, rather than guesswork.

Measuring Results

KPIs are essential. Our UX design services use these to test whether the design works, as well as highlight any points in the journey that could be improved even further!


User testing is an effective way to get real results before the product goes live on the market - it’s a final step in validating the design while it’s still in development.


No app ever stays untouched once launched. To stay competitive, we’ll analyze, test, and refine the app to better engage users along the desired path.

The foundations of our UI/UX Design Agency

Through our UI and UX consulting, we can determine the overlap between user needs and business objectives. Ultimately, both need to be met for any application to be successful.

By designing and improving apps with user satisfaction in mind, we ensure your business stays relevant on the market. Through understanding user requirements and how they utilize such apps, we can identify and remove their pain points to ensure anything your business offers fulfills a role in their life - yet also generates the desired outcomes from your side as well.

User Research

As user experience consultants, we can determine personas, identify user needs and learn how they behave - which sets the bar for all future design work.


If your app is part of a larger brand or organization, great UI/UX should let users feel at home on any device, platform or service. We’ll ensure familiarity while making the most of every opportunity.


Whether your app is 5 days or 5 years old, we can use analytics to determine how users operate, what’s working and what isn’t - then we design improvements around these insights.

Our UX Services

As a seasoned UX design studio, we’re able to provide the full range of UX support for your business.

More than a UX design consultancy, we have the expertise and skills to act on our knowledge, for your benefit.

Interface Architecture

By eliminating redundant screens or processes, we’ll ensure users always find what they need as quickly as possible.

Positive Reinforcement

WIth the right sounds, animations and features, we can use positive feedback to encourage and shape user behaviour.

Increased Loyalty

Alongside positive feedback, we can assess how users behave and design a system to better reward - and encourage - their loyalty.

Improve Engagements

Ultimately, every app needs to convert on some level. Our UX experts will design a system that’s optimized for these vital engagements.

Our UI Services

If you’re looking for an expert UI design company, you’re in luck! From UI consulting to implementation, here’s how we can help!


With wireframes, we can showcase designs before development, letting us make key UI changes as quickly as possible.

UI Key Visual

Color palettes, buttons and navigational cues - we’ll ensure consistency through a key visual that shapes all future UI design choices

Cross-platform UI

Smartphones, PCs or even IoT - with our UI services, we’ll create consistent, intuitive UI on any and all devices required.


Don’t just copy the competition. To get ahead of the market, you need UI consultants that have a creative approach.

Why Should You Choose Our UI/UX Company?

The user journey is essential part of making any app or product successful. For that, it’s best to have a a UI/UX design company that can do more than just consult and design.

Here at UIG Studio, we are a collective of seasoned experts, ranging from UI and UX experts to developers and architects. What’s more, our team also includes entrepreneurs and businesses owners - people who have put their own money on the line to create successful companies and startup products. Who else is better to guide you through this very same process?

All of this puts us in a unique position to help you at every stage. It also means we make recommendations born from direct, practical experience. We know what works because we’ve implemented it on numerous successful apps. It’s these expertise that we bring to every client.


They like to innovate but at the same time, create beautiful yet functional work.

Founder, Activity.me

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Audiobook app

Media and Entertainment
Nowadays, hardly anyone finds time to read books. But with audiobooks, you can enjoy reading anywhere, anytime. This application will allow you to discover new audiobooks and listen to them on your way to work, at the gym or at home.
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Printbox editor

Printing eCommerce
Advanced Editor is Printbox one of three distinct HTML5 web editors for various needs and total freedom in buying path definition. This Web APP for photo product business which give ability to sell photobooks, gifts, prints and more, with personal brand.
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Award-winning TeamUP UI and UX design

Community app
TeamUp is a platform that helps to reveal the competitive nature for active people and provide individual and teams with a possibility to create awareness for their profile. Also, TeamUp allows you to create lobbies to find team members, that have closely similar skill sets and interests.
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