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Every company needs a senior tech-lead to make company-wide decisions for the good of its products and services. It’s why Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) are invaluable.

However, not every organization has the benefit of a technical co-founder. When you need your strategic insights, our CTO as a service delivers immediate results!

A CTO ensures your company makes the right technical decisions, aligning digital opportunities with business goals.

There are many technical decisions to be made in any company, from adapting new solutions, knowing what technology to choose, or even when to invest in migration. Your business has to weigh up the budget impact, potential benefits, and possible risks.

For all of this, you need someone at the top with both the experience and expertise to deliver the ideal strategy. This seniority is represented as a CTO and is a vital component in today’s business decisions.

What does a CTO provide?

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A CTO will realize your vision and implement technologies accordingly, as well as work with various teams to meet objectives.


From technology roadmaps to final products, a CTO’s strategy ensures all technology is chosen & utilized for the right reasons.


From technology choices to choosing new vendors, CTOs perform the due diligence & risk analysis for any choice.


A CTO can provide their own opinions on your current architecture and technology, helping to provide strategic recommendations.


CTOs know how to get the most out of a budget, understanding what is essential now, and how to get the best value out of every expense.


With vast expertise, a CTO can help secure support from other C-level members, as well as investors and stakeholders, to bring everyone together.

CTO as a Service is ideal for those that don’t need to invest in a full-time role.

A dedicated CTO is a costly expensive. For start-ups and other small-to-medium companies, you often don’t require such a large investment. Yet, on the other hand, you still need access to the knowledge, expertise and strategic focus such a role provides.

The CTO as a Service gives you access to this role at a more effective level. They act like any other CTO - you can book them into meetings, have regular catch-ups and let them integrate with your internal teams, if needed - but you’re not paying for downtime or periods where nothing is done. Because it’s based on a service model, you only pay for the time used - and therefore, the value gained.

How do you work with a CTO as a Service?

Big Picture

Share your vision with the CTO and they’ll ensure every choice is working towards this larger vision.

Tech Stack

A CTO looks beyond each team or area, assessing the tech stack as a whole and ensuring cohesion.


Considering new options or want to find areas to improve? A CTO doubles as your go-to technology consultant.


A CTO can be involved as frequently or as infrequently as needed. Whether its larger board meetings or specific decisions, the CTO is always available.

Best Practices

Want to improve internal processes? A CTO can introduce teams to new workflows and ensure time is spent as efficiently as possible.

Established Trust

Your CTO as a Service is always the same person - you can establish a relationship built on trust and knowledge. They’ll feel like part of your own organization in no time.

When do you need CTO as a Service?

If you’re making any technology choices, you need someone to provide the umbrella view and wider perspective. Individual teams can’t strategic choices, as they only think about their immediate needs, typically not thinking about compatibility or issues that could impact the wider organization.

Likewise, you need someone with experience to think both 6 months and 6 years ahead. A CTO will provide all of this knowledge. Without them, your business risks spending money on the wrong choices or reallocating resources to fix mistakes - all of which slows down progress or hinders innovation.

With CTO as a Service, your C-level parter is only ever a call or email away!

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