Smart Job Board
& HR Management Platform

We designed a HR tool which connects employers & job seekers in a smart way. What’s different? This tool is based on an Auto-Apply feature, that matches the skills and description of a candidate with a proper job offer. Once a profile is created, the whole process of applying will be taken care of by the system.

Services provided:
— Consulting
— UX analisys & research
— Interaction design
— Wireframing & prototype
— Product design
— Design system

Before design starts we make user flow to cover all possible scenarios

Taking in consideration that each product is specific and has its unique value it's crucial to understand it well. And that requires lots of research about competitors, benchmarks and most importantly the product itself.

User flow is a diagram that should cover all the paths that users can go through in our product. It helps us to imagine how the app is supposed to work, but also reveals to us the issues we need to find out for the app to work seamlessly. What if the user wants to change the dates of the job? Or add some new photos? All these queries need to be answered, to create a full design of a product.
User flow's main advantage is that we can see potential risks at the very early stage. When we have all the steps covered, then the design of the product is faster and easier - there are less corrections and misunderstandings.

We start to design by creating a wireframe and prototype.

Creating apps with one codebase can save a lot of money and time, as fewer developers are involved in the creation process.
We knew that in this case, great design starts with an intuitive and well planned User Experience. Matching it with the Business Goals was crucial for the product growth.

Lean design approach

Creating a product which needs to deliver exceptional professional experience was a challenge.
It had to be easy to adapt for future functionalities to make sure every idea is possible to implement and maintain later on.

Dark mode

We created a dark mode to future proof the product. We believed it would catch-up as a future standard and it did.

Multi-language support

The platform will be used by companies and people all over the world. That’s why every element is flexible and can cover any language.

Bussiness offer

While the platform will be free to use by B2C clients, it’s unique features will help B2B clients to achieve recruitment goals faster. That’s why we helped in creation of special offers for small, medium & enterprise clients.

Content oriented

Platform is a tool in B2B & B2C client’s hands. It’s the content what is most precious to them. We had to remember that the best design is the one that won’t disturb the process, and help achieve the results.

UI Design

Thanks to greatly prepared wireframes, we focused our attention on properly used contrast and UI flexibility, and then added the final touch.

Visual consistency provided by a dedicated Design System

Full control of the shared knowledge and UI component library.

The Design System was necessary to create - product iterations and special clients needs are covered on a daily basis. Thanks to the guidelines created in InVision Design System Manager, both designers and developers can add new features maintaining the visual consistency within the editors.

Communication is the key to well-managed project

It's key to understand that the time of our customers is precious, so we use a different variety of instruments to keep our communication at a high level. We stick to the plan and communicate on a weekly basis so the project is delivered on time.


In almost 4 months, we designed a ready to implement and future-proofed Job Board & HR Management Platform, as well as a welcoming Landing Page, with a wide range of advanced functions, tailored for two opposite target groups.

Thanks to our work, Job Seekers will be able to focus on improving their skills, and Hiring Managers will be able to automate their processes.

Project in numbers:
Project length: 4 months
Hours spent: 400+
Number of phases: 4


Paweł Barket
— Lead UX Designer
Anton Matusevych
— UX/UI Designer
Grzegorz Słota
— Project Manager