World of Possibilities – Discover possibilities

We created a mobile app to bring the corporations and startups in one place where they will interact based on their business interests in realtime.
Give the possibility to explore, search, and discover innovative solutions for Hotels, Airlines, Airports.

Services provided:
— Consulting
— Research
— Product design
— Interaction design
— React Native development
— Rest API development

World of Possibilities connecting startups with investors

Research and defining a direction for the platform.

The research helped us to collect and define the users' needs and the context use. When, Where, and Why clients and startups might use a platform to connect and interact with each other. We also started to link it with the business requirements of each industry.

The core task was to achieve a balance between business objectives and the initial user needs by proper explore and search features.

Wireframing & prototyping

At this stage, we were ready to transform sitemaps and user stories into prototyping design. Wireframing and prototyping process helped us test and deliver an effective flow of connecting startups with investors.

Design the investor experience

Filter & search efficiency pushed to the max

The research helped us narrow down and define the user's needs. As the Investors, were the main users needed a reliable product that helps them find a wide range of possibilities to cooperate with other business owners in an easy and accessible way. A wide variety of filter and search options were designed to optimize the experience of exploring startups that will suit the investor's market.

Seamless communication between business owners and investors

Connecting startups with investors in an easy and accessible were the main key-values of this project. Startup owners needed a platform that will help them get connected with a trusted investor partner. We designed reachable features that will help them connect and communicate with no-effort.

Every detail matters

From sounds to animations, we understand the little details that create positive feedback - the great design uses this to encourage the intended behavior from users. Our design team defined the vision at the start - and never faltered through production or release.

Crafting great experiences with technology

The system architecture required a specific handling of a complex structures of the database. The particular market of the product was highly demanding, that’s why we had to make sure, that we will use the best technological background for the application.

React Native





Amazon AWS

Smooth communication with demanding clients

We use our product version delivery meetings, not only for the assessment of the project's progress but also as a benchmark and a roadmap for the next goals.

Besides, our clients were located in various time zones in the US and China, so we prepare built-proof online tools such as Zeplin, inVision, Vysor, Whereby, or Asana.


Designing and delivering a fully functional mobile solution for the corporate market is an ambitious undertaking with outstanding challenges. We began with the Lean approach with the Client to understand the objectives and scope and make the right pivots to meet users and businesses goals.
We built a powerful frontend and backend environment to adapt to these changes smoothly.

We provided different possibilities for users to explore and search for startups based on particular interest area and discover innovative solutions for Hotels, Airlines and Airports.

Project in numbers::
Project length: 10 months
Hours spent: 1200+
Number of Sprints: 16


Grzegorz Słota
— Project Manager
Adrian Przetocki
— UI/UX Designer
Grzegorz Błachut
— React Native Developer
Kacper Kurek
— React Native Developer
Piotr Musiał
— Backend Developer
Kuba Pyla
— Backend Developer