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The best products start with flawless design. Understanding users and their needs, as well as making the best technology choices, are essential criteria for success in today’s market.

If you have an idea, our product design, and development company well realize it for you!

There are many steps in product design, including both the conceptual and development phase, alongside testing and final release.

We offer the complete package. If you have a formalized idea already - or want to workshop with us on a new one - our expertise will make it happen.

The Best Examples Of Product Design

The best apps and software don’t ‘just’ happen - they’re carefully designed by experts.


The success of Spotify lies in its user-centric product design, providing key features and elegant UI around its music streaming.
The company that uses React JS development - Instagram


Instagram’s product design is centralized on mobile users, using a clear UI and optimized performance to enhance the experience.


Medium has taken great care to adapt their platform to each device’s strengths, with clear product design for both desktop and mobile.

New York Times

Translating a newspaper to a mobile screen isn’t easy, which is why the New York Times focuses on quick loading and clear design.

Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud’s design understands its userbase - great detail has been placed in making the search function performant.


A simplistic UI with all the hard work in the backend, TInder is a user-friendly solution that’s designed to run smoothly.

Let Our Product Design Company Help You!

Take a look how can we help you with your product design!

Meet Your Goals

By designing with goals in mind at the start, the end project will be in the best position to meet your objectives.

Product/Market Fit

During product design, we’ll test the idea against the current market to ensure there’s a valid need - and a way to stand out.

Understanding Users

Ultimately, all software also needs to be used. We bring our UX and UI, as well as analytical knowledge, to ensure your product is user-friendly.

Streamlined Development

Product design lets us anticipate hurdles or bottlenecks, and resolve them before development starts, improving time-to-market.

Refine & Improve

Our design experts will be able to uncover hidden potential, improving the overall product’s success on the market.


What’s the long term scope of the project? We can design an MVP and prepare a roadmap for future success, as well!

The What, Why, Who & How Of Product

Every piece of software, whether it’s an internal business solution or a customer-focused app, has to answer these questions.


What is the main purpose of your application? What problem is it solving? This core functionality is essential, as it’s what defines the app from the start.


People rarely use an application that doesn’t address a need or desire. Understanding these needs ensures your app has a valid place within the market.


Every product needs to be tailored to a specific audience, whether that’s by age, location or profession. Understanding this will inform many of the product design choices.


Every product needs to be tailored to a specific audience, whether that’s by age, location or profession. Understanding this will inform many of the product design choices.

The Process - How Our Product Design Company Works

At UIG Studio we plan everything step by step. Check out our product design process!

1. Defining The Vision

First of all, we need to understand your vision - what it is your company wants to achieve. We set these goals before moving forward.

2. Research

Once we have this idea, we research everything, from the market itself to the potential customer base and existing solutions that may be present.

3. User Analysis

The best products meet user needs and expectations flawlessly, so we always research your users - including the creation of full personas.

4. Ideation

With both business and user goals established, we can ideate and discover the best solutions to meet all of the criteria. This is where the core concepts start to be validated.

5. Design

When we have a chosen strategy, we prepare the designs. This ranges from choosing the tech stack to creating wireframes and user flows.

6. Development Roadmap

With an approved design, we round-off the strategy by preparing a development roadmap to take you from design to release!

Why Choose Us?

As a product design and development company, we’ve helped numerous businesses get their products out successfully. Great design helps to keep development on the straight and narrow path to success.

Because we offer the entire process, from design to development, we have all the essential expertise and competencies. From technology and development to UI and user behavior, we know how to create products that stand out and become user-favorites.

Case Study

Award-winning DetroitPay UI design

Finance / Blockchain

Key visual and UI design of the finance app for exchange, transfer and make payments with cryptocurrency.

UI designUX designwireframesillustrationanimation
See Behance case study - online sport events search engine

sport app is an online search enwgine which help active people find races and contests to take part in worldwide. An easy solution for those who have problems finding proper information in all-purpose search engines.

UI designUX designwireframesReact.jsPHP
Go to case study

World of Possibilities iOS and Android React Native APP

Startup marketplace app

The purpose of the app is to bring the corporations and startups in one place where they will interact based on their business interests.

UI designUX designwireframesanimationReact.jsReact NativeAPIiOSAndroid
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Meet brands satisfied with our UI design approach.

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