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The Android operating system holds the majority of the mobile and tablet market - that’s a significant presence that few businesses can avoid to ignore. How to make an android application - and get it right - is all the more important in today’s world.

Our Android app development services built a custom solution with both the Android operating system and the diversity of devices in mind. We add our design & development expertise to create the perfect product, from start to finish.

Get the most of Android with React Native cross-platform approach.

The Android market is the largest phone platform today. It’s also the most varied, with numerous system versions and devices. Your app needs to count and adapt to all of this. We’ve been working with Android for years, so we know exactly how to get the best results and push your app to the fullest.

Which companies use Android apps?

Check which of the big players use Android apps


Facebook understands how important it is to get Android & mobile right - that's why they designed React Native in the first place.
The company that uses React Native - Uber Eats

Uber Eats

The Uber Eats Android app supports restaurants, delivery agents and customers all at once - a perfectly executed service.


Used by e-commerce all around the world, Shopify’s own Android strategy relies on React Native for fast effective development.
The company that uses React Native - Discord


A fast-paced messenger on any device, Discord took a dedicated mobile approach to keep their apps the most performant.
The company that uses React JS development - Instagram


Instagram was designed with mobile users front and center - the Android app is a perfect example of such a design process.


Wix launched its Android service via React Native, which diminished development time by 300%, while still offering the highest quality.

Getting Android app development right

There’s more than one approach to making an app.

When it comes to both Android and iOS development, React Native is our tool of choice. This framework offers reusable components, which greatly speeds up development time. It also enables us to quickly develop apps for either platform with a re-shareable codebase at its core.

What’s more, it offers the native-like experience to please Android users. React Native is built on JavaScript - one of the supported and loved languages out there - which keeps our approach flexible, development-friendly and risk-free.

What is the Android app development process?

We’re always on top of any Android news, from upcoming system releases to any major changes in the phone market. So, when it comes to supporting your product on the Android market, we’ll always know how to future-proof your business. Take a look on the process of developing an Android app.

1. Workshop

A workshop is the best way to start - we’ll consult you on your Android needs and goals.

2. Design

Our Android experts work together with our UX and UI specialists to design the ideal app.

3. Prototype

We’ll build an initial PoC to showcase the app, if needed, before commencing with full development.

4. Development

We only use comprehensive teams that have all the necessary skills. What’s more, our development team offers regular updates and fast results.

5. Release

We can release a full ready to go MVP onto the Google Play store even in a few weeks! Likewise, we’ll also provide full documentation for the future.

6. Innovation

The journey doesn’t stop once the app is live. We can help test and improve the app, including new features and expansion.


Their passion, commitment, and cross-functional skills stood out to us.

Hreinn Gústavsson
CTO, Dropp

Case Study

World of Possibilities iOS and Android React Native APP

Startup marketplace app

The purpose of the app is to bring the corporations and startups in one place where they will interact based on their business interests.

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weather forecast app

Enjoy good weather. Be prepared for bad. No matter what you will do and where. Precisely.

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