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The iOS market is strong, stable and has committed followers. Getting your business and service onto iOS devices isn’t an option anymore - it’s a must-have for reaching a loyal and enthusiastic part of your audience.

Our iOS app development services provide a complete approach, from design and development through to release and ongoing support. We take learning iOS development seriously, so you’re only ever dealing with experienced experts that know the iOS system inside out.

Over 700 million iPhones are currently in use. Is this a market segment you can miss out on?

Add the increasing range of iPads to this and there’s a clear and consistent market.
The iOS platform is one of constant innovation. Users have come to expect a lot from iPhones, iPads and the companies that operate on them.

We offer a streamlined, cross-platform approach that offers a native feeling to compete in the iOS market.

Which companies use iOS apps?

Check which of the big players use iOS apps


Facebook offers a native-like experience that’s perfect for ‘on the go’ social messaging and posting.
The company that uses React Native - Uber Eats

Uber Eats

Ideal for restaurant owners, delivery agents, and customers, Uber Eats offers a fully-rounded iOS service.


Powering e-commerce the world over, Shopify use React Native as part of their iOS strategy.
The company that uses React Native - Discord


A fast-paced messenger that works on numerous platforms, Discord made sure its mobile offer worked exactly as users need.
The company that uses React JS development - Instagram


Also owned by Facebook, Instagram was built with mobile users at heart - it’s iOS app has been a leading example since it launched.


Wix launched onto iOS via React Native, cutting development time by 300% along the way, without compromising the service.

Getting iOS app development right

There’s more than one approach to making an app.

We use modern libraries and frameworks, such as React Native, to streamline results across both our iOS and Android development projects.

Working this way lets us achieve a native-like experience with numerous upsides, including shorter development, reusable components and the use of JavaScript - one of the most popular and well-supported languages out there.

What is the iOS app development process?

Additionally, we’re all passionate about the system (it’s how we started learning iOS development after all!), so we’re at the forefront of every system update or product release!

1. Workshop

A workshop is the best way to start - we’ll consult you on your iOS needs and goals.

2. Design

Our iOS experts work hand in hand with our UX and UI team to create the ideal designs.

3. Prototype

We create an initial PoC to showcase the app, if needed, before moving into full development.

4. Development

We get to work quickly, keeping you in the loop at all times, with a fully-rounded development team.

5. Release

We can release a full ready to go MVP onto the AppStore even in a few weeks! We also provide full documentation for the future.

6. Innovation

It doesn’t stop there! After release, we test, improve and expand the app to meet the evolving market, user needs & business goals.


Their reactivity set them apart.

Emilie Clay
Principal, Creativ-Ceutical

Case Study

Ithra Universe edu portal

education app
Complete the games. Collect the pages. Save the Book. Ithra Universe encourages children to complete learning activities by leading them on an exciting adventure to complete the Book of Codes, a mythical book written by ancient civilizations of the universe.
UI designUX designwireframesanimationReact.jsReact NativeAPIiOSAndroid
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Audiobook app

Media and Entertainment
Nowadays, hardly anyone finds time to read books. But with audiobooks, you can enjoy reading anywhere, anytime. This application will allow you to discover new audiobooks and listen to them on your way to work, at the gym or at home.
mvpmvp workshopsprototypingwireframesUI designUX designanimationReact NativePHPrest api
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