React Native Development

Want to target both the Android and iOS market, but don’t want to double down on resources, teams and time?

At UIG Studio, we specialize in designing and developing highly performant apps across both Android and iOS. We choose React Native for this as it enables us to deliver you the native experiences without the costly oversights or technical issues along the way.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework designed for creating cross-platform mobile applications that retain the look and quality of a native variant. It is the younger counterpart to React JS - both of which were developed by Facebook.

React Native allows for reusable code, a singular development team and a faster time to market - without cutting corners. React Native is powered by React for base abstraction but has many different components within its library, designed directly for creating powerful and performant mobile applications.

What Companies Use React Native?

Take a look at the biggest companies in the World who use React Native every day in their business:

The company that uses React Native - Uber Eats

Uber Eats

React Native development helped in updating Uber Eat’s restaurant dashboard for both Android and iOS apps simultaneously.
The company that uses React Native - Tesla


Both Tesla’s self-driving cars and powerwall products come with applications created with React Native.
The company that uses React Native - Discord


Discord’s voice and chat app was built with the cross-platform benefits of React Native - the code is shared between the platforms.
The company that uses React JS development - Instagram


Instagram’s adventure with React Native has started from push notifications in 2016 and continues with new features until now.
The company that uses React Native - Pinterest


Pinterest integrated React Native in mobile versions of the app. Thanks to that, you get smoother onboarding process.
The company that uses React Native - Skype


Using React Native helped Skype to develop more features and options like sharing GIFs without losing the speed of the app.

Why Is React Native Good For Mobile Apps?

If you want to save both time and money - but understand that cutting corners is never acceptable for a final product’s quality - React Native is one of the best options in today’s market.

Previously, you would need teams that are fluent in the most popular languages for each operating system, such as Kotlin and Swift. This would involve two teams, double down on resources and taking longer, as every feature needs to be replicated across teams.

React Native doesn’t just make this faster. Because it uses JavaScript, one of the most popular languages available, it’s widely available, readily accessible and has a larger following than many other cross-platform alternatives, such as Xamarin or Flutter.

React native is perfect for creating apps.

There are plenty of advantages to working with React Native over traditional means of mobile development without needing to sacrifice the native look and feel.

Bonnie Elsenman
Software Developer at Twitter

Benefits of React Native

React Native is not only mobile applications. It is a real long-term benefit for your business. What can you expect when you start using React Native?

Pre-Developed Components

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Because React Native is widely supported with a large community, there are plenty of pre-made assets to kickstart new projects with lightning fast pace.

Large Community

Because it is also so highly supported, React Native’s community is always pushing the framework further, ensuring it’s up to date much faster than less-loved alternatives.

Cost Effective

Reusable codes, a singular team and a supported library all mean one thing: saving time, money and resources that would otherwise eat into a project’s budgets.

Third Party Support

React Native development is not a closed environment. As an open source project, you can easily connect with various third-party - or even native - modules. Because it’s still rooted in JavaScript, there are a wealth of further options available.

A Solid Choice For The Future

React Native isn’t going anywhere. Following the success of React, Facebook has stood by its frameworks and, thanks to being open sourced, developers have only helped it to grow.

React Native for Mobile Apps

It’s no surprise that all the best companies are using React Native app development. The benefits speak for themselves.

Shared Code

Most projects show around 60-90% of the code can be reused on both Android and iOS. This means teams spend only a fraction of the time adding native-features, cutting days or weeks of development time off of projects.

Open Source

Because its open source, React Native development is a free and accessible solution for developers. Because they want to use it, its growing community has ensured libraries stay up to date with modern requirements.

Native Quality

Thanks to connecting with native components and generating code for native API, and the likes of React Native Screens, React Native loads, feels and reacts just like a native application should, with flexibility and quick development benefits.

What are the most popular React Native tools?

There are various React Native tools that play a crucial role in speeding up the app development.

Tools for development: Aton, Visual Studio Code, Expo
Tools for testing: Jest, Detox, Cypress, Reactotron, Enzyme, ESLint


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What product/company is a good fit for React Native?

React Native, on the contrary, allows cutting development time and bringing agility while creating an app, as well as efficient processing and providing better user experience.


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What’s in a React Native? / Which components does it include?

React Native combines two main threads: JavaScript and Native (or UI). Both of them are communicating using a bridge. This concept allows native functions to be called by JS code via a specific platform.


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When Should You Consider Using React Native?

Check out some of the reasons why is React Native worth considering to grow your business

Many platforms with one team

When you want to build an app across Android, iOS and even Windows, but don’t want to support two entirely separate develop teams

Stable, performant solution

When you want a stable, highly performant solution that looks and behaves just like a native counterpart

The strength of community support

When you want to streamline development with reusable assets from a well tested and supported library


When you plan to build a mobile app in the future, using React JS and React native as a dev stack will be much more easier and more cost-effective

React Native development can deliver what you need.

There are times when React Native isn’t the best option - if you want to build something resource-heavy, or features a high use of media - you’re often better to build native features in the traditional manner. For smaller solutions that aren’t dependent on exact native resources, this library is the way to go.

As a React Native development company, we can offer a range of specialized React Native services. If you don’t know where to start, our React Native consulting will carefully prepare the perfect product, while our React Native app development skills will ensure it’s created without a hitch.

After all, if it’s good enough for Facebook and Tesla, just think of how much it can streamline your next project!

Case Study

World of Possibilities iOS and Android React Native APP

Startup marketplace app

The purpose of the app is to bring the corporations and startups in one place where they will interact based on their business interests.

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Audiobook app

Media and Entertainment

Nowadays, hardly anyone finds time to read books. But with audiobooks, you can enjoy reading anywhere, anytime. This application will allow you to discover new audiobooks and listen to them on your way to work, at the gym or at home.

mvpmvp workshopsprototypingwireframesUI designUX designanimationReact NativePHPrest api
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