The perfect audiobook App. Listen to your favorite books, wherever you are.

The product development process is a distance you need to cover to bring your product from idea to market. Find out our journey of creating an eye-catching app with great user experience for audiobook lovers from the EMEA market, dealing with limited transfer rates or high costs of mobile Internet.

Services provided:
— Consulting
— MVP workshop
— Product design
— Front-end development
— Back-end development

Why did we start with the workshops?

What's crucial is to know the real context of the project, objectives, and scope, be aware of risks aiming to capture the final product with its beneficents.

Every project is unique. That means the understanding of the product, requires going as deeper. We did research: inspirations, competitors, benchmarks, We knew also that we had a special weapon - the idea founders as a key team member on workshop.

By using the Lean canvas method and MVP aproach we could confirm whether your target market has a desire for your product before you spend the time and money perfecting your idea. It also streamlines your time to market, so you can start generating revenue during the most crucial time of your startup.

We start to design by creating a wireframe and prototype.

Using wireframes let us visualize the product rapidly, for immediate feedback and changes.

We knew that in this case, great design is not just about strong visuals. App users want to be wowed, but they expect logic and order to process and use the service. Wireframing and prototyping helped us deliver the interactive field in which our customers engage with the software - and by extension the business - on a more natural, intuitive level.

Every detail matters.

From sounds to animations, we understand the little details that create positive feedback - the great design uses this to encourage the intended behavior from users. Our design team defined the vision at the start - and never faltered through production or release.

Beautiful, intuitive interface with a content-first approach.

When designing the interface, we focused on simplicity. Our main goal was to highlight audiobook covers and to make sure that user has the ability to easily move between the screens. Members of our team ensured that final product is elegant, beautiful and makes users feel right at home. At UIG the great visual design isn’t an optional extra - it’s a requisite for satisfied users.

Technologies, which make magic happen.

We've had to deal with very specific requirements related to a limited transfer rate or high costs of mobile Internet for users in particular countries.
The particular market of our product was unique regarding authentications processes, phone number, and SMS registration and authorization.


React Native

React Native Sound






Google Cloud

Streamless communication with very busy clients.

We use our meetings related to product project version delivery, not only for the assessment of the project's progress but also as a reference and a roadmap for the next project phases.
In addition, our clients were located in different time zones in Europe and Africa which pushed us to involve several online tools such as inVision, ASANA, Vysor, Whereby.


Designing and delivering a fully functional mobile solution for the EMEA market is an ambitious undertaking with outstanding challenges. We began with the Lean canvas workshop with the Client to understand the objectives and scope.
We built a powerful backend environment allowing the user to access the App with different modes regarding internet availability and user preferences.

We provided different possibilities for registered or unregistered users such as downloaded audiobooks, samples or live transmissions. All possibilities are collected and managed with easy to use set of screens. We integrated custom-made external systems dedicated to the EMEA market and user accounts managed by phone.

Project in numbers:
Project length: 5 months
Hours spent: 1500+
Number of Sprints: 14


Marta Skowron
— UI/UX Designer
Łukasz Micał
— React Native Developer
Grzegorz Błachut
— React Native Developer / Team Lead
Piotr Musiał
— Senior Web Developer
Paweł Barket
— Senior UX Designer / Team Lead
Grzegorz Słota
— Project Manager