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Windows, Mac, Linux… the Electron JS framework offers seamless cross-platform desktop development.

We use Electron development to rapidly build desktop applications that have all the benefits of native products, without splitting teams or pushing deadlines back.

Create your next product with Electron JS, an open-source framework from GitHub.

From large scale messaging to cross-platform database solutions, the Electron framework has helped companies gain a quick foothold across all desktop markets, focusing on great service over separate products.

We use our extensive Electron JS experience in the same fashion - by cutting down on development challenges, we can apply a bigger focus to unique UX/UI, effective testing and a faster release schedule.

What Companies Use Electron Development?

Electron JS is used in some surprising applications. Here are some of the most famous apps to use it in their desktop services.


Electron is one of the reasons Slack has been able to adapt, update and innovate across all platforms at once.

Microsoft Teams

Electron comes from Github, a subsidiary of Microsoft. Naturally, their products represent the very best of what’s possible with Electron.


By streamlining development, WhatsApp keeps development simple, saving effort for providing a smooth, fast service.


Spotify’s music streaming is available as both a web and a desktop application. Electron helps to keep things consistent and streamlines.
The company that uses React Native - Discord


The voice, text and video chat service has used Electron in its development for a long time, leading to its success and adaptability.


A live-streaming service, Electron enables Twitch to rollout website updates that perform on all platforms.

Why should you create desktop services with the Electron framework?

Electron was built by developers for developers. It’s one of the best go-to choices for creating light, adaptable desktop applications across all platforms.

At its core, Electron supports web development from the very first step, as it’s designed for use with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS - the web essentials. If that’s not enough, it’s also written in C++, JavaScript, Objective-C++, Python and Objective-C, as well as some Node.js support, if needed.

All of this means that Electron doesn’t have a steep learning cover that other technologies or solutions have. It’s why we use React Native over Xamarin or Flutter for mobile - it’s our ideal choice for creating a centralized application that runs on any platform and any browser, without the endless configuration.

PC monitor and hands writing on the keyboard, while next to it there is smartphone and laptop. Type your question about react native.

Benefits of Electron Development

The Electron framework was built for both web and desktop apps in mind, which gives it immediate versatility out of the box.

Paired with our expertise (and choice tools), it can do even more!

Automatic Updates

With AutoUpdater and GitHub support, you can instantly deploy updates service-wide.


Apps created with Electron don’t need installation procedures, which makes the final product even easier to use.

Cross-Platform Efficiency

With Electron, you can develop for all desktop platforms at once, cutting down on time and teams needed.

High Performance

If you keep your app component-light, Electron can even outperform the heavier native alternatives.

JavaScript Compatible

Have a favorite JS library or framework? Chances are it works with Electron - which makes for even smoother & effective development!

Fast Development

If you’ve already got a React.js or Angular web app, you can reuse parts of the codebase for even quicker desktop development.

When Should You Consider Electron Development?

There’s a right tool for every job. Want to make sure you’re choosing the best tech for your needs?
Contact us for a consultation and let’s find the answer together.


Light & Agile

Want a light service that you can adapt easily? Electron’s auto-updates and use of JS libraries makes it a prime candidate.


Faster Release

Cross-platform frameworks remove the need for duplicate teams & code - for web and desktop, Electron is our recommendation.


Easy to Use

Electron is great with JS libraries and requires little new expertise - it’s perfect for developers to hit the ground running!


Wider Reach

Don’t have the resources for numerous native apps? Electron ensures you reach your audience, regardless of platform.

Fast releases, easy maintenance, and a wider reach? Electron is the spark your next product needs.

From consultancy and workshops to design and implementation, our Electron development process is an end-to-end solution for your business goals.
We use Electron the same way we use React Native - to streamline development in all the core areas.
Doing this allows us to establish your product or service as fast as possible, giving us more time to refine, polish and continually improve your product once released.


They were highly engaged and passionate about delivering the product.

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