Start-up idea - Project description - Venture’s start

Grzegorz Słota

Grzegorz Słota

Project Manager

Be clever, get started




Great ideas for apps, IT systems, webpages, ecommerces etc. are not mostly the domain of analysts, programmers, or IT architects, but rather the positive enthusiasts, visionaries, and entrepreneurs; people in general, who deal with these problems. How does the entrepreneur communicate and translate with the developer on ways to combine an idea with a project ... on how to be understood?




If you have a killer project you can start with two simple steps to describe this idea to others, such as your  development agency.

The first deals with the context of the project, understood as the way you think about this venture. How did the conception of this project come about? When and where did this happen? What were you thinking then? What similar or existing things did you imagine? What was your breakthrough? Which were the circumstances, thoughts, and impressions on your mind? List them, dividing them into feelings, practical issues to resolve, solutions, and inspirations.  

The second step is about user stories or use cases as they are more formally known. At this stage, you should describe your project with stories; such as, what problems occur for the user and how he could react, what functions would he use and what the results would be. In this manner we should go through the project with all possibilities of interaction between the user and the matter of the project.  That could be enough in this stage, and later on we can add additional attributes such as priority, the initial state, acceptance criteria, alternative processes, etc. But this can easily be done by your development agency :)




Be brave, don’t hesitate, and even now if something gets in your head just write down your thoughts, impressions... everything that appears in your mind. The second step is as above: think as a user. Third: Fill in our project idea form :)






Easter egg ;)