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We offer the ability to select the best "individual" weather forecast based on many available data sources, best suited to any given location.
We develop an algorithm that individually tests the verifiability of forecasts for particular meteorological parameters for different forecast horizons comparing them with the measured data.

We provide the possibility of optimizing decisions based on the forecasted weather conditions for different criteria by giving weather rankings to individual values, allowing you to classify complex forecasts for point, line, area, and date to determine their impact on specific activities and processes including production, transportation, energy, agriculture, and much more business areas.

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Need an application that tracks, studies, or otherwise uses weather information?

We can design tailor-made weather software to enable your business

Our team consists of experts, we cooperate with the best research centers in Poland and the world

MeteoTrack is a part of UIG studio, a software house delivering mission-critical apps with a delightful user experience.

MeteoTrack is made up of experts in various fields

We integrate science, business, with behavioral monitoring and UX approach to provide the best possible solution for IT software and apps.

We work and draw knowledge from the best

We work with professionals focusing on details to get a holistic solution and draw knowledge from the best and use their experience.

Warsaw University of Technology

The Warsaw University of Technology is one of the leading institutes of technology in Poland and one of the largest in Central Europe.

Aeris Weather

AerisWeather enables customers to harness the dynamic power of weather data and imagery in their products, services, and business intelligence tools.


Meteoblue offers high quality weather information on the meteoblue website with the most comprehensive and free-of-charge precision weather anywhere in the world.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is an American scientific agency that focuses on the conditions of the oceans, major waterways, and the atmosphere.

World Meteorological Organization

WMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for promoting international cooperation on atmospheric science, climatology, hydrology and geophysics.

Cracow University of Technology

Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kościuszki is a public and of the best technical universities in Poland. Is located in central Kraków, established in 1946.

Our offer

Solid results are born from the careful execution of the right design and development approaches. The best technologies, in the hands of experts, can create game-changing solutions.

Strategic consulting

We can advise on high-level decisions, using deep knowledge in every area when weather risk plays a key role or where the best-suited forecast can generate additional income or savings.

Custom development

Our custom development service is the ideal way to launch a new product or service. From initial ideas to prototyping, development, and release, we’ll guide you on the way to success.

Meteotrack API

The forecasts we offer are more than the top world level, because of the data selection algorithm that we use to optimize weather forecasts. If you’re looking to build an application using weather data, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our solutions

Energy and Renewables weather software

Is used for energy outage prediction and surpluses of energy, generates savings and additional income. Successful energy production and storage demands real-time insights and smart, automatic advisory. In energy and renewables, being on time with energy supply related to market demand means savings or additional income.
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Transportation and Logistics weather software

Successful delivery demands real-time insights and smart, automatic advisory. In logistics and transportation, being on time and meeting client’s expectations are everything. Weather software integrates numerical weather forecast with applications that tracks and studies weather, business and behavioural information to optimize decisions processes.
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Agriculture weather forecasting software

Weather forecasting is essential for a farmer’s key business decisions. Weather data and forecasts help to plan almost all day-to-day decisions including crop irrigation, time to fertilize, and what days are optimal for selected fieldwork. Smart decisions that farmers need to make will result in a successful crop or failure. Weather software is the tool for better precision agriculture decisions to protect resources, boost yield, and maximize profit, making your agro business as efficient as possible.
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Benefits of Meteotrack solutions

Weather solutions have wide-ranging uses and their numerous benefits are just as diverse.

Decision Making

Weather software enables companies to make choices with the most thorough, correct, and up-to-date information possible. For energy and logistics, weather-based decisions are just like daily routines.

Operational Efficiency

Companies use weather data to plan optimal strategic locations and time windows for their specified operational needs. Agriculture and construction are some of the most common areas for weather forecast data usage.


With up-to-date information and an accurate scale, the weather solutions keep data points ratings and forecasting models correct, which leads to more accurate business decisions and actions.

Automation and Safety

With weather-enabled software, weather alert reporting can be automated. This saves lives, time, and money, freeing resources for more important tasks.

Visual Clarity

Reading raw data across numerous dimensions & values is near impossible. Geospatial mapping (with multiple layers) turns complex data human-readable.

Remote Sensing

Need to make decisions regarding locations that are out of reach, due to impracticality or cost? Weather software enables detailed information for off-site analysis and assessment.

Our algorytm and its key features


Working with the scientific community, we have developed an optimal data selection algorithm that provides the best available forecast for a given synoptic area. Based on such selected data from numerical models and taking into account the personalized needs of the recipient, we provide optimal weather forecast data based on the produced forecast in cooperation with the end user ordering a specific type of forecast. We run a Data Selection Algorithm (DSA) that selects the best set of input data that will make up the forecast personalized to the locations defined by the customer system available sources of predictive data, taking into account the location defined by your system.


The key feature for all our products is The Weather Optimization Algorithm (WOA) that indicates the weather-optimal location, line, area, or time window for the client system's business processes including production and business management. If your industry requires a product tailored to specific needs, please contact us. MeteoTrack is for anyone who wants the best weather forecast available. Our offering is aimed at anyone whose business is dependent on the weather.

Providing right decisions

Based on our forecasts, combined with our visualization tools, you will be able to make the right decisions which will ultimately result in savings and an increase in your income.

Our process

If your project is particularly ambitious, we can recommend a proof of concept to help ensure the viability and feasibility of the final solution, as well as prototyping to identify opportunities for improvement before release.

1. Project Planning

We will find out what your needs and requirements are to design the best solution integrating data from our optimal forecast algorithm with the needs of the end-user.

2. The Initial Framework

All apps start with an initial framework - this is where we add core functionalities, like login, and basic views, UI, etc.

3. Choosing best DSA data chain

We will find out what your needs and requirements are to design the best solution integrating data from our optimal forecast algorithm with the needs of the end-user. Then we enable the data selection algorithm (DSA) to provide input data for your application.

4. Create Maps/Weather Components

Having weather prediction data we add additional data sources and provide desired final visualization features. With both the basic app structure and the relevant data sources ready, we can refine our maps and components.

Add Objects, Overlays & Layers

Having data from DSA we optimize the initial state of the application for user's specific needs by implementing the weather optimization algorithm WOA, which works in common with DSA being the core of the system.

Test, Refine & Repeat

We have a dedicated QA team. If results don’t meet our high standards, we refine them as much as necessary. It doesn’t launch until we know it fully meets the quality we promise.


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Paweł Barket
Paweł Barket
— UX Lead Designer | Design Team Leader
Grzegorz Błachut
Grzegorz Błachut
— Senior React Native Developer
Bart Cywinski
Bart Cywinski
— VP of Business Development
Kacper Kurek
Kacper Kurek
— Senior Full Stack JS Developer
Grzegorz Słota
Grzegorz Słota
— Project Manager
Grzegorz Szczepańczyk
Grzegorz Szczepańczyk
— CTO / Co-founder
Anton Matusevych
Anton Matusevych
— UI/UX Designer
Marta Skowron
Marta Skowron
— UI/UX Designer
Bart Cywinski - React developer and consultant

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