Project MeteoTrack (RPMP.01.02.01-12-0377/19) is implemented under the European Regional Development Fund, Regional Operational Programme of Malopolska Region for 2014-2020

Preliminary information

MeteoTrack - developing innovative mechanisms and algorithms for personalizing information based on the analysis of large amounts of data resources. The project involves the development of a prototype application of MeteoTrack. One of the components will be a weather forecast based on forecasts from various sources of information and meteorological data.

The MeteoTrack weather forecast will be produced using data selection algorithms which will integrate data of different provenance, temporal and spatial resolution and in different input formats.

Personalisation of the forecast will also allow it to be used by users across a range of life and economic sectors.

The innovation in MeteoTrack will be the creation of algorithms to combine weather forecasts from a range of sources into a single forecast which, through data assimilation, will be more reliable.

The MeteoTrack project involves industrial research and development to develop innovative mechanisms and algorithms for personalising weather information based on the analysis of large amounts of data. The project will carry out research work leading to prototype applications producing innovative weather products. The applications will use innovative communication interfaces to meet the specific needs of business & consumer areas, bringing tangible benefits arising from cost savings, improved safety and increased competitiveness.

Project goal

Provide the best possible weather information based on multiple data sources. Provide the ability for individual and institutional users to optimize their actions and activities due to forecasted weather conditions. As a result of optimization, safety and savings will increase, and in the case of enterprises, also competitiveness.


Users of the MeteoTrack products will include both private and institutional customers.


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Transport and logistics

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Tourism and sport


Construction industry


Information about the project

— Selection of the contractor for the research task - 2 July 2020
Based on the advertisement in the European Funds Competitiveness Database, the offer of the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology was selected for the research task.

— Stage I - February 2021
Research task carried out by Warsaw University of Technology

— Stage II - August 2021
Development of experimental prototype

— Stage III - April 2022
Implementation of Demonstration Installation

— Stage IV - September 2022
Legal and marketing assignment