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Need an application that tracks, studies, or otherwise uses weather information? We can design tailor-made weather software to enable your business.

What is Energy Software?

Is used for energy outage prediction and surpluses of energy, generates savings and additional income. Weather Software uses observational data from national weather services supported by additional data (Doppler radar, radiosondes, satellites, buoys, aircraft probes) feeding numerical weather prediction models which use physical equations, along with actual weather data, to provide the most accurate forecast.
Business context is included within the model code in certain procedures, mainly related to climatological features, analogically to geospatial characteristics described by topography. Having better quality of forecast benefits with optimisation of decision making process linked to critical weather conditions prediction as an extremely high or very low temperature or flash floods rainfall episodes.

Which Energy Companies Use Weather Forecasting?

Weather solutions have wide-ranging users and can be found in nearly every industry or niche. Here are some bold examples.


Wind turbine production leaders use weather energy software to predict the power production provided to energy grid operators.

Électricité de France

National french power grid operator uses the weather energy software to ensure the optimum energy production in terms of grid limitation related to extremely high and low temperatures.

First Solar Inc.

Biggest solar panel producer in the U.S. and its technology users i.e. prosuments use weather energy software to optimize solar energy income due to low vs high prices of electricity related to power grid operator demand.

Stockholm Exergi

One of the biggest electro heat suppliers in Sweden operates in the Stockholm capital area, uses weather energy software to optimise heat production and its transportation.


Multi industrial concern uses weather software for chemical production and open air industrial lines thermal set up optimisation to balance factories expenses.


Indonesian state governed Asahan hydroelectric power plant, located in a high risk of flash flood convective tropical storms area, uses weather software to minimize the risk of non efficient management of water reservoir level and energy production.

Where We Need Weather Forecasting Software?

Wind energy production

Biggest world and national wind energy companies like Vestas, Siemens, GE promote usage of weather software to optimize energy production and its delivery to the power grid. Wind speed and stability of the flow is the main factor that influences effectiveness of energy delivered from turbines. Using right weather software means safeness of installations and lack of non useful energy production related to savings and additional income.

Power grid optimization

Extreme temperatures are crucial for power grid efficiency because of the cable resistance that rises very fast with the temperature causing potential black outs with energy supply. On the other hand unexpected low temperatures in areas sensitive to climate change causes extremely high demands of energy due to electric individual heating systems turned on at the same time especially if the power production systems and the grid were not designed for such events. Heavy snowfall and ice can destroy the power grid resulting in lack of energy for householders. Best quality weather software means better planning of energy demand.

Solar panel users

Growing market of photovoltaic prosuments needs to meet their expectations related to their income. Optimal energy price is related to power grid demand regulated by energy market operators. This situation is supposed to be changed in near future in terms of formal regulations that will enable a more free market stock approach for shaping the price of solar energy buying prices. Solar irradiance is the main factor influencing electricity production from photovoltaics and having the best weather forecast leads to better adjustment of the production to the expected prices of energy related to massive production from alternative renewable energy providers e.g. based on wind. The individual decision of the prosument when to put the energy to the grid supported by weather software is a must.

“Traditional” industries

Any kind of industry that uses open air production lines has to take into account the weather conditions to optimise energy demand. Doesn’t matter if it is a chemical outdoor production line installation or electro heat power plant, the set up of the production has to incorporate the knowledge about the weather forecast and some variables such as temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, humidity, derived from numerical weather prediction models. For some specific industrial processes special weather dependent indexes are invented and are being used; the knowledge about actual meteorological conditions, weather forecast combined with the dedicated for exact branch of industry indexes let the factories generate savings due to energy consumption and at the same time facilitate the decision processes if they are influenced by weather conditions.

Benefits of Weather Software Development

Weather solutions have wide-ranging uses and their numerous benefits are just as diverse.

Decision Making

Weather software enables companies to make choices with the most thorough, correct, and up-to-date information possible. Knowledge about available solar panel energy for the next days is crucial for the energy grid management.

Operational Efficiency

Energy grid operators use weather software to reduce the risk of black outs related to very high resistance of cables related to extremely high temperatures. Detailed knowledge about predicted weather conditions is crucial for grid exploitation parameters set-up.

Visual Clarity

Organising weather dependent warnings for the industries which has open air processes in a clear way instead reading raw data across numerous dimensions & values, freeing resources for more important tasks and generating savings for the factory.

Automation and Safety

With weather-enabled software, tasks like location-based warnings for high demands of energy for electrical heating devices in winter conditions save lives and money especially in a climate change epoque which makes the weather much more unpredictable.

What Do You Need To Develop Weather Applications?

Weather technology is highly useful, but it can’t be carelessly added to an application on a whim.

For a start, there is a wide range of weather solutions, from software, libraries to tools and data sources. These decisions need to be accounted for at the start - and for that, you need an experienced weather software development company.

We’ll understand your core business needs and understand the exact data that you need for your objectives. Then, we create applications and software designed around this core functionality, ensuring a final product that’s easily read and used by users, whether it’s external customers or internal teams.

How Do We Develop Weather Applications for the Energy Sector?

If your project is particularly ambitious, we can recommend a proof of concept to help ensure the viability and feasibility of the final solution, as well as prototyping to identify opportunities for improvement before release.

Project Planning

In addition to the usual product design elements, we also need to consider which weather tools we will use, in order to ensure compatibility with the rest of our choices. We will find out what are the needs and requirements for a client and design the best integral solution.

The Initial Framework

All apps start with an initial framework - this is where we add core functionalities, like login, and basic views, UI, GUI functions, etc.

Algorithms implementation for energy clients

Now to add weather sources and algorithms. Here we implement the data sources & tools chosen in step 1. Data is imported or called through API. We also add wrappers and other efforts to ensure smooth, compatible performance. We will examine our Checking Algorithm Data best available data sources forecasting, taking into account the location of the customer's system. We will launch a Data Selection Algorithm that Selects the best set of input data which will consist of a personalised forecast for the locations defined by the customer's system.

Create the App Tools/Weather Components for Energy client

With both the basic app structure and the relevant data sources ready, we can refine our tools, maps and components. This is where we can also add attributive data, to better show the information we want to present within the app. We will focus on energy sector needs and requirements defined within the first step,obviously main of them are: power demand, heating demand, OZE productivity predictions.

Add Objects, Overlays & Layers

With the tools and data ready, we can now add other data and information sources which we need for the final product to be user-friendly. This is where the data-heavy interfaces, tables, graphs and maps are refined and focused.

Test, Refine & Repeat

We have a dedicated QA team. If results don’t meet our high standards, we refine them as much as necessary. It doesn’t launch until we know it fully meets the quality we promise.

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Why Do You Need Weather Forecasting Software?

Successful energy production and storage demands real-time insights and smart, automatic advisory.

In energy and renewables, being on time with energy supply related to market demand means savings or additional income. Omitting black outs and unuseful surplus of energy provided to the energy grid is a must. Finding the best weather software provider is crucial to run a stable and effective business.